When you sign up to Loom, your free account has two limitations:

  • Your videos expire 7 days after creation;
  • Your recording time is limited to 10 minutes.

Let's focus on the first limitation: video expiration

Loom is offered for free and in order to be able to accomplish this we asked our users one thing only: to share it with friends and colleagues. 

As an incentive, we offered access to Power Features in return for referring Loom. The first of these Power Features is to unlock unlimited access to your videos. 

Without this Power Feature unlocked, any video that you create will become unavailable after 7 days. We will not delete the video, it will simply become "locked". 

As soon as you successfully refer one friend to Loom, you will regain access to your video. As simple as that. 

If I send the video to my friends or post the link on a website, does the video also become unavailable there?
The answer is yes. The video is stored in Loom's servers and you will need to unlock your access to make sure the video is viewable by other people as well. 

Can I download the video before it becomes unavailable?
Definitely! There is an easy way to download your video as an MP4 file to your computer. 

How can I learn more information about the other Power Feature?
To read more about unlocking unlimited recording time, please head to this article

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