Camera shy? Or maybe just not in the mood to be on video? We understand. 

We build a way to still add a touch of personality to your videos without having to be on camera. 

You can now add an avatar to your camera bubble and record your "Screen Only" Loom video as always. 

How to enable avatars: 

  • Launch Loom 
  • Select "Screen Only" capture mode
  • Select "Show advanced options"
  • Enable "Use Photo for Screen Only"

What are the benefits of adding an avatar to my recording?

  • Your avatar helps you present yourself as personal and approachable. 
  • Even if you're unable to present yourself via camera, adding an avatar to your recording helps you being recognised and therefore remembered. 
  • Your video will have a personal touch and show a little bit of your personality. 
  • Your avatar genuinely reflects who you are so an easily recognisable profile image is very useful to build and maintain relationships.
  • First impressions really do count and people like to communicate with someone they can trust. An avatar helps you build that trust up from the start. 

Happy Recording 🎥

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