Earlier in 2017, the Opentest team aligned with their users, asked them a ton of questions and re-defined their mission. And Loom was born. 

The same product with a bigger vision 🚀


Here's what we learned from speaking to you: 

  1. Video as a form of communication is a growing opportunity being adopted in industries all across the spectrum and around the world by organizations and individuals alike.
  2. Efficiency of communication is most important. Typing words can be cumbersome and far from the best format when sending and receiving knowledge.
  3. In certain situations a personal touch can go a long way. However, written word is the norm in the professional work place.
  4. Tools have enabled more and more teams to go remote from a tactical standpoint and are missing part of the essence of what being on a team truly means.

Loom is for efficiently bringing teams together

There are two elements of the word “loom” that encompass the vision and problem we’re going after:

  • A loom is a device that weaves threads together in a beautifully efficient manner.
  • Superloominal communication is a hypothetical process where information is sent faster than the speed of light. The depth and accuracy of videos in communication makes this almost a fair comparison.

We believe both of those elements exist at the very fabric of video communication. The efficiency of video helping individuals feel more connected and the effectiveness of exchanging knowledge with one another.

Does rebranding to Loom change anything?

Outside of being a more mission-aligned brand, no.

Over the last couple months you helped us make steps towards this mission. The true team experience is being worked on right now and will be here shortly.

We want to sincerely thank those who have supported us along the way. Please continue to teach us new things and hold us to a high standard. There is something really special here for us to build together at Loom.

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