Loom's quick videos can be an extremely effective way to very quickly and precisely walk your product managers and engineers through bugs or new features on your platform. 

This practice helps eliminate most questions that would otherwise make this process less efficient. Less questions means less context switching during the day, which helps you consistently have strategically productive days.

A time consuming process ⏰

Most teams tasked with bug tracking and reporting will know that there’s a lot of discipline required from everybody involved in order to have an effective process. 

Reporting bugs requires the ability to identify relevant information which needs to be added to every bug report. Modern bug tracking tools offer the ability to attach this needed information automatically. Nevertheless there always will be some room for misunderstanding or missing information which results in a need for communication.

Ever recorded a bug and three weeks later received a message from an engineer asking you to clarify what you meant with your notes? So have we. And we understand how incredibly hard it is to switch back into that specific bug's context and try to accurately provide a good explanation to your engineer. 

How can Loom help tackle this issue?

Loom helps you tackle context switching and information gaps by allowing you to record a quick video to: 

  • Record the bug's exact behaviour: a video is worth a thousand screenshots, right? 
  • Explain all the relevant information without losing context;
  • Save time. No more long descriptions or attaching screenshots. 

Not only does will you take significantly less time to record a quick video but it also reduces the number of times you will get asked questions regarding the contents of the video. Guaranteed. 

By reducing context switching and interruptions, you create the possibility to have more productive days. 


At Loom, every member of our team tracks and reports bugs with the goal of improving our core product. 

Here's an example of a bug we tracked and recorded using Loom:


Thanks for reading! If you use Loom to track bugs, please send us a message with any feedback or best practices. We'd love to learn from you!

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