Quick videos can be an extremely effective way to help your customers be more successful with your product or business. Here are a few examples of the ways we've heard customer success individuals using quick videos:

Onboard new customers with ease

Record a series of videos that can be delivered to a new client or customer when they first join. Liz at RootsRated used Loom to record over 50 videos to drastically reduce the amount of onboarding phone calls, increase the success of their users, and still built trust by letting her customers see her!

According to Liz, using Loom has already helped her team save hours of time. On average onboarding writers and new clients can take at least 30 minutes and using these videos helped her streamline and scale this process while making it a little more friendly for the new folks coming in.

"Loom made it easy to put a face to a name and connect on a deeper level versus email." 

Support existing customers efficiently

There's two primary types of knowledge that is exchanged in customer support: evergreen and transactional.

  1. Transactional - A person or customer is having a specific problem and needs help right now.
  2. Evergreen - A lot of people need help with the same thing over an extended period of time.

For transactional, we record and send videos to our users with specific problems all the time. The camera bubble and personalization with the video has the potential to instantly turn a detractor into a promoter.

For evergreen, just take a look at our Help Center. We strive to include a video explanation with every article we create. We've seen that including videos in help articles, has significantly decreased the amount of follow up questions from our users. 

The clarity of a video demo is second to none. 

Unlock your product's potential through video

With every Loom video you create, we make it easy for you to use an embed code to integrate your video directly into your product experience. 

More personal touch with the camera bubble, less unnecessary and expensive polish. 

Check out a couple of HubSpot's product landing pages that currently use Loom videos:

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