Quick videos can be an extremely effective way to create new relationships and build trust. Here are a few examples of the ways we've heard of sales individuals and consultants using quick videos:

Open more opportunities with personalized videos

Whether you're selling software, consulting services, real estate, or anything for that matter it is all about getting your foot in the door and making the right impression.

There is so much noise that a simple, personalized video could be all it takes to get a response. 77% of individuals reported increased responses of up to 40%.

Loom has a Gmail integration that enables you to quickly record and send personalized videos. Quite often I receive personalized videos from people like the one you see below. Of course I had to respond 😄


Close more deals with personalized demos

Everything is moving towards more granularity. Delivering the right content at the right time to get people to convert.

With Loom you can also do screen recordings with the camera bubble on to give personalized sales demos that crafts the solution you're offering specifically for the person you're sending the video to.

No more generic walkthroughs. 64% of people using videos for demos said that they converted more leads. Focus on the persons desired outcome and you can will start closing more deals faster. 

Build deeper relationships and increase referrals

How many times in your career have you made friends with someone you've never met before? You've never shook their hand, but you feel a kinship with them. It's been pretty rare, right?

Now imagine doing this all the time. 48% of people using videos have reported increases in referrals from their current clientele. That is an indirect measure of how close and confident a person feels in a relationship is their willingness to connect you with others. 

It is the power of video. 

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