Everything that is currently in Loom is free. We also have premium power-features coming in 2018, these features will be tagged with beta. But as of right now, Loom is totally free. There is so much to be done to make video recording and sharing in the workplace the norm.

We simply have too much to do to deliver ongoing value to you and your colleagues that we can not be distracted by pricing and revenue right now. 

We have every plan to build a sustainable business and will be around for a long time. Don't worry, your videos are safe with us. 

Use Loom all you want. All we ask in return at this point:

  1. To please share it with your colleagues, friends and family
  2. Give us feedback so we can learn as much as possible
  3. Give us a good review if you like it

We are counting on you to help us shape the future of Loom.

What's Next?

Happy Recording! 😄📹

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